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Stuffed peppers. Stuffed tomatoes. Recipe. The Greek kitchen. Greece.

Recipe classic Greek.You need:8 big tomatoes and 8 large peppers;3 to 4 onions;5 teeth of garlic;150 ml olive oil;300 g rice;a Bunch of parsley;black pepper;Salt.From tomatoes and peppers to cut the top, remove the pulp of the tomato, the peppers and clean inside.Fry on low heat the onion, garlic, chopped finely.Pour the rice, stir fry 5 minutes.Add the tomatoes, simmer 15 minutes.Add salt, pepper, and parsley, simmer for another 5 minutes on low heat.A lot of cooling.Tomatoes and peppers nafarshiruyte filling. Put in the form. Each tomato and pepper, cover the cut part. Drizzle with olive oil.Bake in preheated oven for 20 minutes on 170 degrees for tomatoes, peppers for 45 to 50 minutes.When cooking, I added fresh minced meat (any), to the stuffing for peppers and carrot zazharku.Also I baked it in the oven with potatoes, chopped in thick slices, drizzled with olive oil, an hour on 150 degrees.Bon appetit!❤Liked the video? Then put like and share with friends! Subscribe to my channel”With Irina in Greece!” My Instagram: Fully arrange Your holidays in the region of Volos – Pelion, Greece, new for you! A selection of top accommodation, assistance in organizing your holiday, planning excursions with me. For every taste and budget!My Viber: +306984216560#farshirovannyyi #farshirovannyyi #of receptivitate #Greece Source: Ирина Политаева @ Youtube.

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