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SUPER DELICIOUS AND SUPER SIMPLE 10 minutes | pasta tomatoes Basil cheese [Recipe 100% Italy]

#how to prepare #domashnjaja #food #tasty #quick #pasta #Italiaconistar Italian cuisine is very simple, each house has tomatoes macaroni and cheese, add a little basilca and get a great dinner.Want to know life hacks of the Italian damagesee who know all the chefs of Italy and used in their recipes, watch recipe. Super simple and super tasty, we need pasta, tomatoes, Basil, cheese.As prigotovitsya Makaronina skorovoda for flavor and aroma obygryvaet a clove of garlic In the same oil add pomirody Cheri, and obzharivaem them slightly, sprinkle with salt and put off.Now add the pasta and tormented for 5-8 minutes, until cooked macaronies to make tomato paste Lifehack for making tomato paste super bistrontie tomatoes on a grater, so will from the flesh of the tomato without the skin,And do not be tormented blanch, and separating the peel obudowa poor Pomodoro with boiling water, super fast and super proctodaeum Basil sauce, grated cheese and olive oil, all super easy, mix with a mixer.When the pasta is ready, add them to the sauce in the pan and stir together with the sauce.Spread on a plate and decorate with sauce and mozzarella cheese, on top of adding pomerode cherry.Here we get a Delicious and Simple dish for Motorola tastefully rulesto a little Super Tasty and Super Prostate dish suitable for lunch and dinner, well, somebody fashionable and out for Breakfast.But in GENERAL PASTA FOR ITALIANS IS LIKE POTATOES FOR RUSSIAN.Now that you know how tasty and quick to prepare great blades You always, Your Italy in the pan. Source: ЧАО МАКАРОНИ @ Youtube.

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