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Super delicious – Dairy banana milkshake! Banana milkshake / Muzlu milkshake

Banana smoothie is prepared very simply, quickly and easily! On my channel there is still a lot of delicious and simple recipes!Subscribe to the channel be Sure to CLICK on the BELL to not miss new videos! The most delicious lemonade, with no artificial colors! Ice cream at home the Cake for 10 minutes WITHOUT BAKING, just 3 ingredients! Ingredients for 4 servings: Banana – 2 pieces Milk – 400 ml. Ice – cream- 6 tablespoons ( you can substitute sweet yoghurt)Banana peel and put in blender, add a little milk. Grind banana into a homogeneous mass.Then add ice cream, milk residues and again all beat with a blender or mixer. Pour banana milkshake in (glasses) glasses and enjoy a cool and refreshing drink. Bon appetit!_____________________________________________________________________________________ Source: Я НА КУХНЕ @ Youtube.

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