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Super quick and healthy salad Very delicious and healthy salad

#Bastrykin#sveisolat#delicioussalad#quicksalad#healthysalad#vkusnyatina hi! Hello everyone!The recipe is very simple, fresh, healthy salad. / Very easy fresh and healthy salad Ingredients: Ingredients :#Kale/ cabbage #cucumber 2 pieces , / 2 cucumber#Tomatoes 4-5 medium tomato 4-5#any Herbs to your taste (I have parsley, onions guys and 2 cloves of garlic)/Greens , any green that you like (parsley, parry, garlic)#Spices turmeric, black pepper, salt and I added a tbsp of chili Ketchup (it turns out very tasty with an unusual flavor)/Salt, black pepper, chili sause if u want to add, and any other one#any vegetable oil (better olive, sunflower or flax)/Any oil. (olive, etc)Bon appetite! Bon appetit! Be healthy! Source: Ayn General @ Youtube.

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