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Super recipe for pork with the shrimp.A delicious pork roll with shrimp with cheese sauce.

In this video I will show you how to cook a delicious pork roll with shrimp with cheese sauce.Who wants to help the channel and participate in its development(on a new camera, gasoline, gear) thanks in advance. Visa (Sberbank) 4276 5400 4792 0859 WebMoney R269586100408 about cooperation write on e-mail [email protected] the Channel was launched 05.02.2017 ALL WHO are WITH US,THANK you very much FOR your SUPPORT!!!!! I Google+ I twitter I and classmates Our group in contact About fishing and cooking is My page in contact I am on instagram If you haven’t subscribed to my channel E. V. about Fishing and Cooking, then subscribe, it will be very interesting.New videos every day at 17:00. Also please note my contact group Fishing and Cooking in Samara.Share recipes. Here you can upload your video to promote your channels, most importantly, the video was about fishing and cooking.What you can see on my channel, my playlists:I love to cook, so cook. Cook for fishing and recreation.Delicious,fast and easy. Also Prepare only fish that you have caught yourself. Also go fishing all year round, making a video related gear and of course a video of the fishing.CarpFishing and everything connected with it. The catching of a predator on spinning.And all that it involves spinning rods reels lures etc FISHING ON the FLOAT ROD and Feeder bottom fishing and everything connected with it. Ice fishing and everything connected with it. The catching of a predator in a plumb and everything connected with it So as useful sections for fishing.Useful stuff for fishing. Life ON a FISHING Boat and everything connected with it motors,traction batteries etc. the Workshop of the fisherman.Fishing workshop E. V. here I’ll make useful crafts for fishing who loves all things Soviet.Back in the USSR,retro nostalgia.The section on fishing gear of the USSR.Ago fishing in the USSR.Retro nostalgia. Soviet pocket lights,lanterns USSR,retro nostalgia Pocket knives of the USSR.Soviet folding knives. The Museum of interesting things, the Soviet Union Also about my favorite car.Going fishing and to the country in the field of 2131 tuning and useful things for her. And of course, many have a cottage or land.Building,digging,planting in the country.All that is connected with garden plot. My experimental section.Tools and other useful things with Fix Price. Also Useful things to grow your channel on YouTube. This video content of this channel is copyrighted, is intended only for private viewing!!!! Copy and use the videos from this channel, for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited!!!!For obscene statement coming immediately delete the comment and ban the person who wrote it.We have a cultural content, any criticism is welcome, but only without the Mat and insults.We will be respectful to each other. Source: Е.В. о Рыбалке и Кулинарии @ Youtube.

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