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Super recipe of chicken thighs! Try to cook the thighs in a new format!

#recipes #chicken #vkusnatina thighs under the coat of apples and Saracco you can cook chicken thighs in the oven that would have turned out very tasty and not monotonous? Of course, many can say that everything is very simple, salt and pepper, oiled thighs sauce, responsive promarinovali and sent in the oven, high, baked, got, ate and all satisfied and happy ))) Well, in principle, will only make the dish tastier and more aromatic, and this will help us sweet and sour apples and a piece of grated cheese.====================================================My cooking site – But if you just want to relax and watch entertaining videos on the family YOUTUBE channel, you here – INGREDIENTS:- CHICKEN THIGHS —————————– 8 PCS;- CHEESE durum —————————- 100-130 G:- APPLE ———————————————– 1-2 STDS SAUCE:- MAYONNAISE ———————————————100-120 gr.;- GARLIC————————————————-3-4 CLOVES;-SALT—————————————————–1/2 tsp;CHICKEN SEASONING—————————-1 tsp;OREGANO, ITALIAN HERBS—————–1H.L. Source: Готовим дома с Маргаритой Богатыревой @ Youtube.

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