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Super Snacks for a party or Reception! Snacks in tartlets!

Delicious snacks on a buffet table or a holiday!RECIPE:Option 1:basket sand 200 hcram cheese or cheese amber 200 hvalenye tomatoes 1 variant 2:ham 50 gsir solid 50 bolgarski pepper 50 Kukuruza canned 50 Mayones 2 St lucap for ukrainieciu any flavor (tart or bread from the toaster)Subscribe to my channel! Here You will find many quick video recipes cooking: Subscribe to our page Instagram: #snacks #zakoscielny #pastarecipe #sandwiches #soltysowska #bystrytskyi #tartlets #zakostelecky #recipes Source: Кухня за 1 минуту @ Youtube.

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