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Sweet POTATO biscuits | Quick DESSERT WITHOUT BAKING – the Taste of CHILDHOOD

sweet potato cookies – the snack that we love from childhood! His recipe is very simple and easy, and the taste is amazing. This no-bake dessert perfect for any holiday table, which, in turn, will amaze your friends. Serve it with tea or coffee! Subscribe to our channel : Thousands of delicious recipes and tips for every day: to cook sweet potato biscuits you will need:biscuits – 340 g butter – 100 g. Condensed milk 220 g .Cocoa – 50 g.#cake #pioneerthe #dessert #of bezpieczne #Gotovina #kjaw #recipe #cooking #Nankin————————————————— We are in VK : We are in OK We are on FB: We Yandex.Zen: Source: Нямкин – рецепты и советы @ Youtube.

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