July 21, 2017

Using Google Maps To Document Where Your Family Lived

I’ve written about this before, but I want to show you another example of my ancestor’s homes using family photos and documenting them with Google maps. This time it’s for my Emil John Moline family when they lived in St Paul, MN and will show you what the house looks like now. It’s changed a bit, but I think it’s because they closed in the front porch and made a smaller entrance door. The Google map photo is only two years old. When my Moline family lived there it was during the years 1895 to possibly around 1905.

moline st. paul house

1914 chelton ave st paul moline Isn’t it fun to find old buildings and know that your family lived there? Imagine Signe b. 1889, Elvin b. 1893 (my grandfather) and Gunnar Moline b.1894 being born in, or brought home to this house as newborns. It boggles the mind.

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Living On The Edge Of The Census

1914 Chelton Ave, St. Paul, MN – 1895

Sometimes, you just get lucky and find a census record for your family members that shows the actual street address of the house they lived in. I was very lucky to find this census record for my Great-Grandfather John Emil Moline showing their address as 1914 Chelton Ave, Ramsey, MN.  The date is June 1895.  That corroborates the information on a photo I have from my Moline family that shows their house and has the notation the same address.


This is the house the Moline family lived in at the time of this 1895 census.

Who Are Those Other Two People?

Listed in the same household are two “extra” people.  I wonder who Mick Lund, age 28 could be; I suspect that Hulda S. Swanson, age 14 might be a servant. But as they are both from Sweden, are they relatives or just employees?

Living On The Edge Of The Census

Normally, but not always, you will find at least the location of where a family is living listed on the left edge of the census page. Even if it’s just a street name, it gives you a clue, and might prove handy later when you can put the location together with another document or photo.  Also, when you put the street name in your records, make sure to also add the date of the census record too.  If it’s given, having the month and day can help you pinpoint whether or not you have the correct family and approximately when they were born. Census records are rich with information and you have to scan every single bit of it to extract the “gold”.

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