October 17, 2017

Check Out These Online Backup Deals!

Protect All of Your Computer Files!

I love it when someone takes the time and effort to put together a list of links to one specific service or deals.  That’s what I’ve found at the site Online Backup Deals, and it’s more than a list of links, it’s an actual review of the online backup services. I wish I’d known of this site when I was deciding which backup service to use.

Personally, I use Carbonite for our computers, and even though I already knew about them, it was interesting for me to read the review and learn that Carbonite has done a news release at least saying they are going to add new features like:

  • Full system backup
  • Backup and restore for external hard drives
  • Automatic online backup for video files
  • Recovery-by-mail

I hope you will bookmark and plan to spend some time looking through all the tremendously helpful reviews at Online Backup Deals. It’s a very robust site, easy to navigate and very well written by the authors.

Genealogists know full well the value of backing up their files, documents and photos!

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