October 21, 2017

Home Friend 1909 – Watch and Ring from out of the Bluine


Have you ever noticed that some of your laundry detergents these days have a blue tinge to them? That’s a bluing agent added to make them seem more white than they really are. Before there was laundry soap, there was just plain soap and a need to make clothes whiter.

Mom always had a bottle of Mrs. Stewart’s bluing near the washing machine. My brother and I used it to make salt crystals with it when we were feeling scientific after watching Mr. Wizard. Yup, regular chemists we were. (Our favorite thing was to mix vinegar and soda though…much more ‘explosive’).

This was quite a ‘come on’ to get people to sell their Bluine wasn’t it? A gold watch and a ring…Don’t you wonder how many of those watches are still around and cherished as a family heirloom? Just imagine, it was all from selling 24 boxes of Bluine.


My cousin has  a little real life watch mystery that she’s trying to solve. Maybe you can help her out?  The markings on the watch face are very interesting.  American Waltham pocket watch / T.O.T.E / W.O.W. / B.P.O.E. logos

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