October 20, 2017

IMHO: Why There Must Be Wars



As I watched the last episode of Ken Burns’ “The War” tonight it came to me why there must be wars. No doubt, if you are male you will disagree with me, but I think my theory has some merit. Yeah, I know, Darwin’s was first.

The male of the species is designed to do one thing. Procreate. Oh sure, they can tune a car, or swing a sledge hammer, or even make a peanut butter sandwich (if someone lays out the bread and a knife…) :wink:. Unfortunately, human males are prone to aggression, and therein lies the check that will balance out their propensity to mate and create too many more children with wild abandon.


Can you imagine what our planet would be like if there had not been wars since time immemorial? As sad and ghastly as it is, millions and millions of young men (the ones who traditionally fight wars) have died in all the wars, and in so doing, have kept the population on our planet more in check than if there were no wars.



Don’t misunderstand. I hate war, but I think I understand the necessity for it. Just as there are winners of the Darwin Awards to keep the gene pool clean, the aggression in men is genetically in place in order to keep us from being overrun by too many of our species.

Next time, just hold the beer for bubba while he shows you how this theory works. :twisted:

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