October 22, 2017

New Holmes Family Military Records Found

Land Warrants Document Holmes’ Military Service

Doing the genealogy happy dance! @FranEllsworth mentioned on Twitter today that she was documenting ancestors using the BLM GLO records and that they now have associated documents’. Soooo….I did a search for my William S Holmes in Shelby County, AL as well as his uncle David Holmes in Missouri to see if there were any bounty land warrants for either man. Big whoohooo!

There were, and now I know William S Holmes served as a Pvt in Capt. Heintzelman’s Company, Second Reg. US infantry. I suspect this was service for the Army for the Mexican-American War as it mentions the Act of Congress of 1847. Could have been others conflicts though…

William’s uncle was David O. Holmes who was an early pioneer in Missouri had service in the War of 1812 as a Pvt. under Capt. Williams Company, Tennessee Volunteers.

I’ll be adding the records I found to the [intlink id=”9″ type=”page”]Holmes page[/intlink] here on this blog, as well as to my Yates and Allied Families on Ancestry.

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