October 20, 2017




We use Dell computers, one of which is a laptop. Recently, the laptop had a repeated error message that the “Dell Dock” had stopped working. I searched all over trying to find a way to ‘un-install’ that feature, all to no avail. It just can’t be un-installed. So, I approached the problem from another direction…I searched for a place to download the Dell Dock and found this one directly from Dell. That’s it! All you have to do is download it, re-install it and then in the options you can choose whether to use it or not.

For my laptop, because of the way I use it, I chose not to have it operational. It is a very handy shortcut that can be out of sight on your desktop though, if you choose to use it. One of the features is that you can right click on the dock once it’s installed and the guide will let you choose where you want to have it located on your desktop: top, bottom, left or right side. You can have it slide in and out, change the color for the dock and what content (shortcuts) it should contain. It can handle quite a few shortcuts, but it will have to scroll if you have more than a certain amount.

You can also click this button to the Dell Dock Download button

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