October 20, 2017

Photos Taken At Luxor, Egypt 2007

The below photo was taken by my friend Peggy who lives near Kaiserslautern, Germany. We have known each other since 1982 when we were next door neighbors in Port Orchard. She is currently teaching at one of the American bases near that town. She and her husband travel a lot during breaks and the summer. This is one of the pictures she sent to us from their visit to Luxor in Egypt. I know, it looks like a postcard, but it is just a snapshot she took. I am just showing a thumbnail to save space.

The next two photos are of the columns at Luxor. They date from 3500-3800 BC. They are 23 meters high, and the obelisk in the background is one of the few left in Egypt. The Romans stole a lot and took them to Rome and Vatican City. To change them from a pagan symbol to a Christian symbol was easy: the Romans put a cross on the top!

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