October 18, 2017

Download A Gigantic Free 16 X 6 Foot Family Tree Chart

Are you ready to do a little genealogical sleuthing during the holiday season? While you have several generations of the family around the dinner table, or relaxing afterward, why not ask some interview questions of the older generations. You might be surprised at the answers.  If you are lucky enough to write down some new name and/or locations you might want to put them on this really gigantic family tree chart from ObituariesHelp.org

This is a FREE download of the template and can be up to 12 generations if you choose.

Should you be fortunate enough to get some additional family tree individuals, you’ll have time to add them to this big wonderful chart before next years family reunion!

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Family Gathering Award Ideas

It’s Time To Plan That Family Reunion!

When we were in Germany, there were a lot of organized gatherings for the airmen and their families. At the end of the night, awards were given to a select few who fit the criteria for recognition. Like, who had the least amount of time to go before heading back to the States; or who was the newest wife to come be with her husband, etc.. Here are some ideas I found in the book Family Reunion Handbook: A Complete Guide for Reunion Planners (Family Reunion Handbook) by Tom Ninkovich that you might want to use at your next family reunion:

  • Who traveled the farthest?
  • Who has the most children?
  • Who is the youngest grandparent?
  • Who has the most descendants present?
  • Who has the most grandchildren?
  • Who has attended the most reunions?
  • Who arrived first/last?
  • Who is the youngest/oldest present?
  • Who has the longest/biggest hair?
  • Who has the least hair?
  • Who came in the oldest car?
  • Who has the largest purse?
  • Who has the longest fingernails?
  • Who is the tallest person there?
  • Who has the biggest feet?
  • Who has been married the longest?
  • Who recently got married?
  • Who has the whitest hair?
  • Which kid has the most teeth missing?

For more modern times, you might give an award for the funniest email address, or for the person who came with the most gadgets. In doing the award for the email address, you will certainly be able to collect a few addresses that you might not have already had, or you can update them since people sometimes change them frequently.

If everyone has brought a side dish, perhaps you can give an award for the most creative, best dessert, etc. You might consider giving homemade jams or jellies as prizes. Who wouldn’t like that? 🙂

Create A Family Tree In Power Point: Is It Worth It?

I am not real familiar with making presentations in Power Point. Do you think this would actually be beneficial to someone for a family reunion, or any kind of genealogical gathering?

For those of you who are creative in a different direction, such as digital scrapbooking, Jasia at Creative Gene has done a guest post on Shades of the Departed about that very topic. It is very detailed and I think that might be a little more up my alley. Read Digital Scrapbooking for Genealogists. It’s a great article and I give it two thumbs up!

10 Family Reunion Game Questions

Getting Acquainted Game – Family Treasure Hunt

1. Find two people who traveled over 200 miles to the reunion:

2. Find the mother with the most children.

3. Find the oldest and youngest persons.

4. How many children did Grandma Minnie have?

5. Find three people who married into the family.

6. Find three children who are currently on a sports team (soccer, baseball, etc.)

7. What country did Grandpa Moline come from?

8. What relative used to work on a fishing boat?

9. How long has the Whitmore farm been in the family?

10. Who has written a book?

This is a good game for kids because they can go with their lists in hand and ask the adults who are chatting without causing too much interruption. Of course, you can tailor your questions to fit your family fabric. Keep it to between 12 to 15 requests, so it only takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Are you having or attending a family reunion soon? What would you like to do at a reunion? Would you like to see more posts about reunion?

For a much more extensive lists of resources about reunions, please visit Cyndi’s List.

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