July 27, 2017

Sampson Go Mic and FlipPalâ„¢ Story Scans Are A Family Match Made In Heaven


What’s the use of recording your family photo’s history if your recording isn’t top notch? In my book, I want the best, and I’ve found that the good people at FlipPal â„¢ now have a premier portable USB device that clips right on your MAC or PC.

Samson Go Mic portable USB microphone Here’s what it says on the FlipPal site about this recording device.

Samson Go Mic


The Samson Go Mic is perfect for recording voice for StoryScans talking images, retaining the full fidelity of the speaker and reducing background noise. It records impeccable CD quality audio. Superior to the microphone that is built into laptop, phone, or tablet that is prone to hum, hiss, and tinny sound. Connect to your PC or Mac using USB – no drivers required.

FlipPal Gives YOU A Gift On Their Birthday!

It’s their birthday, but the wonderful folks at FlipPal would like to give you a present of 10% off using the code BDAY11A.  The coupon is good until November 13th, so time is of the essence.

I’ve had my FlipPal scanner for over a year now and have used it so many times to scan pictures and documents, both at home and when I’m out and about.  This mobile scanner isn’t just for genealogists though, it would be equally as valuable to students, business people and authors.

FlipPal is so versatile and easy to use because it can scan in two ways.  You can put your photo into the bed and scan that way, or flip it over and scan a larger item and use the built in feature to stitch the individual scans into one complete item.

Light, easy to use and portable.  If you’ve been wondering what to get someone for Christmas this sale is for you!

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