October 22, 2017

Huntley-Moline Documents Now In Family Possession

You may have seen my posts on Facebook about the return of the Huntley-Moline documents to my possession, but if not, here is how the story played out.

How Bill Kirkland Found Me

Most family genealogists have their family tree information out on the web in several locations. Not just for ‘show’ or anything, but because we like to share our documentation and photos with as many family members as that might be interested.  The other benefit is that sometimes, as in this case, family documents can be repatriated when they’ve been lost or abandoned.

Such was the case with the Huntley-Moline documents that Bill Kirkland found in a building where he works near Sacramento, California.  This wasn’t a surprise exactly, but the puzzling part is how these important documents came to be separated from the daughter of Frank and Joyce (Moline) Huntley, Kelcy Colleen Huntley. (I haven’t seen “KC” since I was about 9 years old, so at least 52 years at this writing).

I believe Bill did a search through Google or on Ancestry and found our family information that I had posted. He sent me an email (a good reason to keep your email addresses updated on genealogy sites!) and asked if I was related to the people in the documents. Then came their homecoming a few months later.

I was amazed at the quantity of the original documents included in the mailing envelope, and thrilled to see the photos that were also included. One other item was my aunt Joyce’s WWII dog tags that were also found in this cache of mementos.

In coming days I’ll be going through each and every bit of documentation and gleaning out the juicy tidbits of names, dates and locations. Call it what you will, this is my way of “trolling” for cousins.  At least one cousin, Kelcy.

I will be eternally grateful to Bill Kirkland that he saw these family items and spent his time and effort to get them back in the family possession.

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