July 22, 2017

Lorine McGinnis Schulze’s Book Has Prompted Me To Write My Own Memoirs

When you start accumulating a substantial sum of information for your family tree, it eventually follows that you’re going to want to share that information with your family. For the most part, I can be organized and inspired, but I think my problem was that I had no good ideas on where to start and what to talk, or write, about. I knew I needed some sort of formula to keep me on track. A few days ago I found just the book I was looking for to help guide me through my memories of the past.

One thing I will say is that I intend on making a dedicated folder for these memories so that I can keep them in some sort of order. I’m not sure if I will need to make sub-folders or not. It might be a good idea, but I need some input.

I’d like to thank Lorine McGinnis Schulze for creating her book Writing Your Memoirs for Descendants and making it available in Kindle format as well as book form. I do believe this will be a timeless book that can be used generation after generation.

Learn More About Genealogy Using YouTube


Just out of curiosity, I did a search in YouTube tonight for the term “genealogy” and got 183 hits. Not all of them are something I’m interested in watching, but it certainly is something worth investigating.

How about some other search terms?  Use some of your own interests like railroading, logging, gold mining, or wine making.  Try locations too!

Have you used YouTube in your family history research? What kinds of things did you find. Was it helpful?  Don’t forget to leave a comment. 🙂

Directory List And Print – Freeware A Genealogist Will Appreciate

I have just finished printing off 25+ pages of census records, a genealogy report and various other records. I can tell you it was a ‘job well done’!  Yes, I am kind of patting myself on the back, but I found a neat new freeware program in the process and that’s why I’m so pumped. 🙂

This program, Directory List and Print isn’t just for genealogists, but it sure will come in handy for us. I had a folder with all the genealogical files for this one project I was working on and I wanted to be able to print off the files I’m sending to the client.  DL&P was the perfect solution because one of the options for printing the file was in Word.  I just clicked the Word button in the DL&P program and it opened the Word program for me with the files listed.

I could even have by-passed any other program and just printed it from the working screen, or pressed Excel or just copy it to my clipboard.  There are several ways to fine tune the results before printing too. Take a look at the checklist above.

This was not a paid review.  I just liked the program so much I wanted to share it with my readers.  If you download it, please come back and let me and everyone else just what you thought of it.  See you soon!

2010 Census: Keep A Copy For Your Descendants

1930 Yates family, Bordeaux, WA

Have you filled out your 2010 census and sent it back yet? If not, make sure you do, and be sure to make a copy for your records so your descendants can find it 72 years from now!  Granted, there’s not a lot of information they ask for in this census, but it’s still important to keep a copy of it.

Quick tip: I’m pretty sure it’s OK to add additional information where you can on the census you keep.  A little additional ‘gift’ for your descendants.

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