October 17, 2017

Get Your Genealogy Blog Listed Here

To be honest, I haven’t clicked on every category on this website, so I can’t say with authority just what you might find (other than iPentimento, of course) in this list of genealogy blogs at Genealogy Blog Finder, but I can say that for a die hard genealogist this is a site to make me drool in anticipation.

  • Recently Updated
  • Genealogy blogs with fresh content
  • Genealogy News
  • The latest developments in the genealogical world
  • Tips, Resources & Reviews
  • Tips for building skills and finding resources
  • Personal Research
  • Family historians share their personal stories
  • Single Surname
  • Blogs focusing on one surname
  • Technology
  • Using technology to aid research
  • Preservation
  • Tips on preserving your family’s history

The above is just a sampling of the categories you will be searching. Make sure you put Genealogy Blog Finder in your favorites or bookmark it. You will want to go back to it time and again!

If you don’t already have your genealogy blog listed there (it’s free) then you are missing out on some really good exposure for your blog. I just wanted to put a little Sunday night blurb here about it so you can check it out. Now, I am going back there to do a little searching of my own. I don’t just write about genealogical research you know….sometimes I even do some! 😉

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