October 17, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Greg Age Progression


I’ll never be able to do a truly Wordless Wednesday, so just abandon that idea.  And so, I give you our son Greg in a mini-age progression sequence beginning in 1972.  I know the photo says it was in Feb. 1973, but that is when the photo got developed.

Greg was thrilled with the excitement of all the paper and bows and he would have been much more happy with getting just one or two gifts.  This was his first Christmas, and he turned a year old two days later.  Yes, that sleeper was gold.  Picture taken at Jim’s parent’s place in Clinton, IA.


Greg and my mom playing on the floor in our house on 6th St. in Clinton, IA. I think it was around September of 1973 that Mom flew from WA to IA for a visit.  Her first time flying in a jet.  Dad was home playing poker, as I remember.  Looks like Mom was “showin’ a little ankle” in this picture too.  😉 :::gasp:::: Greg would have been close to 19 months old here.  When he turned two we measured his height and he was 3 foot 2 inches.  Of course, we were sure then he would attain the height of 6 foot 4 inches.  Did he?


Another visit to Iowa, this time by both my mom and dad (she was never going to leave him home playing poker again, he lost $$!) so this time they both flew in for a visit.  I don’t know if you can tell it from this picture, but Greg really loved his Grandma Yates and by the look on Mom’s face she loved him a lot too.  I know that look…she’s creating a memory to store of that hug and the smooch that followed. ?


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