October 17, 2017

D/2 Biological Solution Approved For Use In National Cemeteries

D/2 Biological Solution Is Safe and Non-Toxic

I was so happy to see this product advertised on Facebook today! None of us family genealogists want to go to a cemetery and ruin a headstone by cleaning it incorrectly. Visit LimeWorks.us for pricing and container sizes.

Cleaned with D/2 in 2010, a year later this headstone still looks great!

“Tested and used by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Park Service, D/2 is a biodegradable cleaner that is ph neutral and contains no salts, bleach or acids. It is highly effective for removing stains caused by mold, mildew, algae, lichens and air pollutants. D/2 is a safer, easy to use liquid that removes a broad spectrum of environmental soils and stains from structures and architectural features. Restore brick, stone, concrete, wood, vinyl & aluminum siding, fiberglass, metal, paint and canvas with D/2 Biological Solution.”


NOT an affiliate post. All photos belong to LimeWorks.us

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