October 20, 2017

1951 Hawaiian Passenger List – Elvin and Lillian Moline

One of the perks of having my family tree on Ancestry (for FREE)  is that while I’m not actively searching their databases, they are doing it for me.  When they find a “hit’ I get an email and a link and can go right to the document or record.

That’s what happened today and I’m so happy to know the actual date of when my Grandpa Elvin (Al) Moline and his second wife Lillian Epstein Moline actually sailed on the Lurline to Honolulu, Hawaii.  At that time it was the Territory of Hawaii since it wasn’t made a state until 1959.

It looks like the duration of their ocean cruise there was five days.  Of course, now I wonder if they came back the same way, where they stayed in Honolulu and what wild and crazy things those two kids did there.  (He was 57 and she was 45) I wonder how they got to San Francisco where they boarded the ship?  At the time, my aunt Joyce and her husband Frank were in Formosa (not yet Taiwan) where Frank worked for an airline.  It’s possible they, or just Joyce, flew to Hawaii and met my grandparents and then they all flew home to Seattle together.  That’s all speculation though.

What’s interesting also is that when you read the words passenger list you usually think of someone who’s emigrating or immigrating from another country, not just going on vacation.  Aloha!


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