October 18, 2017

50 Interview Questions for Family Biographies

I don’t even have to bring it up anymore, the subject of genealogy and family history is always a topic at any family gathering I attend anymore. Last Thursday was no different, and I mentioned to my nephew’s mother-in-law (also named Carol) that I had thought about interviewing my brother.

She is the guilty party person that got me into doing genealogy seriously way back in 1994, so she was all for that idea. But, how do you go about interviewing your sibling, or anyone for that matter? What questions should you ask? I happened upon 50 of them in an article by Kimberly Powell at About.com that I think might just fit the bill.

I copied the questions and sent them to my brother in an email, telling him to take his time answering them so he doesn’t get overwhelmed. I did have to caution him to keep his wicked famous sense of humor in check…but other than that, he shouldn’t have any problems. I told him that I was going to answer the questions too so he wouldn’t feel like he was the only one laboring through 50 questions.

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