October 20, 2017

Using Repositories In Your Genealogical Research

I have a funny story to tell you on myself. Many, many years ago when I first began doing genealogy online I was researching my James Harrison line and had joined a mailing list for that surname through Rootsweb. After being on the list just a short time, the list owner invited me to take a look at the Harrison surname repository site. I was so new and not sure of anything in those days, and even though I knew what a repository was, I asked her if there was a charge to get into the site. Of course, there wasn’t, and I felt like a super-noob at the time, but it opened my eyes to the idea that there was a place where everyone researching a particular surname could add their documented information, and also search the site for more. What a deal!

Repositories are kind of the “unsung heros” of genealogical caching. Cyndi’s List has a page dedicated just to U.S. State Level Records, which include State Libraries, Archives, Genealogical & Historical Societies. The site also has a listing of Surnames and Family Associations that is quite extensive too. So now, if I want to go to the Harrison Surname Repository I can just search Cyndi’s List or Google and find it easily.

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