October 17, 2017

Bruce Richards 1923 – 2011: Our Neighbor

I know it’s all part of the cycle of life when friends and neighbors pass away, but it’s still sad to lose them.  Bruce and Elfie had lived in our neighborhood for 30+ years when we moved here in 1992.  They raised their kids here and by the time we met them they were a fixture on our street.  They were always happy to see us and welcomed us into their home for coffee and a bit of conversation.

Jim and I always loved to reminisce with Elfie about her life in Germany before she came to the United States in the 1950’s.  We lived in Otterberg, Germany from 1970 to 1972, so we were able to share in Elfie’s love of her homeland.

Jim would talk with Bruce about his days as a pipefitter at the shipyard.  We’ll always remember the good times and they will always be in our thoughts. Now they are together and hopefully having a high old time in heaven.

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