October 18, 2017

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Family Heirlooms – What Would You Take In An Evacuation?

When the dust has settled, or the waters receded, most people lament that they “should have taken the….”. What would you take if you had to evacuate in an emergency? I suppose the logical next qualifier would be, “How much time do I have?”  

If I had just a few minutes or more, I would look for the cat and grab him and get out of the house. I would try, because he is a living being and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t at least make an attempt to save him. At age 16, he seems like an heirloom.

Given more time, like an hour, I would grab all the family pictures and documents that I have stored in boxes. Depending on what kind of emergency I was facing, I am glad that most of those things are backed up on disks and also shared online with other family members.  


As I look around my house, I see many things I cherish, like the two tintypes in frames that I believe to be my 5th G-Grandmother Deborah Holmes and her husband Miles Yates.


I have a picture taken of my mother with a metal toy car that was given to her when she was about a year old in 1924. The toy was made by Lehman and I still have it. It needs to be fixed, but I love it because she loved it too.

I have a beautiful hand crocheted tablecloth that I would hate to leave behind too. When my mom passed away there were many linens she had inherited from her family as well as my dad’s, but the tablecloth was always something I remembered that my grandma would have on her dining room table during the holidays before we would remove it to replace it with a white damask one she always used. When I got married, I had to have a tablecloth just like that when we were in Germany and entertaining our Air Force friends for the holidays. Luckily, German stores sold them by the dozens. 


One of the only heirlooms that belonged to my Grandma Minnie Yates was a child’s toy flat iron, and my dad let me have custody of it over 30 years ago. It has a wooden handle which is a little “toasted” after many times of being on a wood stove in the past. It is still in good shape all these decades later, but then, the other parts of it are cast iron! Can’t you just see some little girl ironing her doll clothes with it “just like mama”? (From the looks of it, I really need to dust it!) 

I feel very lucky to have all these wonderful treasures in my possession, but as I tell everyone else, I am just the caretaker for the next generation. 


I am participating in a Meme for GeneaBloggers at Facebook using this topic. Please join us! (See how below). 

Julie Cahill Tarr at GenBlog has a great post about Family Heirlooms (http://juliemc77.livejournal.com/4474.html).

She discusses not only the need to backup data but also how to be prepared to take heirlooms with you – and how to decide what to grab and what not.

Write a post on your blog explaining what you would save and why (include a picture if you like). If you’d like to participate, please send Julie an email (joodles77 AT Comcast DOT net) with the link to your post by September 13. She will post them on her blog the week of the 14th.

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