April 28, 2017

R.I.P. Fess Parker aka Davey Crockett

Yes, that’s me in my brother’s Davey Crockett cap. You can’t get the full effect of the tail as it is hidden by my ‘big’ hair and pose, but trust me, it is an authentic coonskin cap. My guess is this picture was taken around 1955-6 on Dennis Street in Tumwater, Washington.

We used to love watching Davey Crockett each week.  He was a character who didn’t take any guff off anyone, but he was never violent unless he had to shoot someone. :)  Buddy Ebsen was his sidekick and such fun to watch too.   That era was the time of innocence for us baby boomers, where we didn’t have to lock our doors,  and kids could ride their bikes all over the neighborhood without much care or worry.

Did you remember that Fess also played Daniel Boone?

Trivia time: Who was the actor who played The Swamp Fox for Disney? Give up? (Leslie Nielsen) The character was based on Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion.