September 20, 2017

Learn More About Genealogy Using YouTube


Just out of curiosity, I did a search in YouTube tonight for the term “genealogy” and got 183 hits. Not all of them are something I’m interested in watching, but it certainly is something worth investigating.

How about some other search terms?  Use some of your own interests like railroading, logging, gold mining, or wine making.  Try locations too!

Have you used YouTube in your family history research? What kinds of things did you find. Was it helpful?  Don’t forget to leave a comment. 🙂

The Home Friend 1909: Sears House Plans

The Home Friend 1909: Sears, Roebuck and Company

House Plans


The Sears Catalog is long gone now, and at the end they were certainly not selling houses, but as you can see from this 1909 ad in the Home Friend they had a running concern for them at that time. How many of you live in a house built with Sears home plans?

The Curtis Company, Clinton, Iowa

While Sears was making plans, two hundred miles away in Clinton, Iowa the Curtis Lumber Company was churning out wooden bullseye rosette blocks that you might have seen in some of those Sears houses. I’m sure many of us have seen them even in old houses today. It’s hard to believe that at one time Clinton, Iowa, a town on the Mississippi River, was known as a mill town rather than the industrial city it is now.

Between the late 1850’s and 1900, the Clinton area was regarded as the sawmill capital of the nation.  Huge log rafts were floated down river from Wisconsin and Minnesota, cut into lumber at Clinton, then shipped to growing communities east, west, north and south via the river and the railroads.

Clinton Convention & Visitors Bureau • 721 S. 2nd Street • Clinton, Iowa 52732 • 563.242.5702 •

This was Logging in Washington State

Chuck Brodish recently contacted me about a 480 foot Douglas fir that was reportedly felled in the 1930’s in or near the Black Hills here in Washington. I wasn’t able to find the exact tree he was speaking of, but I do have a book I inherited from my parents entitled “This was Logging” by Ralph W. Andrews.

In looking at the photos in the book I saw references to many large fir trees (among other species cited) but not the particular tree he was asking about.  If anyone else is interested in the old logging practices here in the Pacific Northwest this book is a great resource.

Beatrice Bordeaux Elopes With Kenneth Palmer

I found this clipping in my collection of newspaper articles my Yates family had saved. If you have been reading this blog for a while you might have seen other articles about the Bordeaux family, and why my family was “connected” to them. Every time I find a piece of written memorabilia such as this one, it adds at least one more piece to the puzzle a family history. This one’s for you Bob Bordeaux, and any of your family that is interested.

Also, here is a more lengthy article about the Bordeaux-Palmer elopement from the Seattle Post Intelligencer.  I know it’s very hard to read because of the wrinkles and the one fold over, and so I will be transcribing it and posting it here at a later date. I am just so lucky that my family saved these newspaper articles so I can share them with the Bordeaux family and all of my readers.

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