October 20, 2017

Is Blogging Just A Fad? Or A Way To Make Money?

When we were visiting my in-laws in Iowa this summer, there were some particularly unpleasant grandchildren visiting at the same time. No, not my grandchildren! These were twin boys that have a pretty obnoxious behavior problem, and it surfaced when my grandson happened to find a toad that had been making its way across the driveway towards the neighbor’s house. Garrett, bless his heart, was desperately trying to keep the toad away from the twins, and the twins were after Garrett like two little rabid dogs. These boys are around 7 years old, not babies. My grandson eventually was able to turn the toad loose without any harm coming to it, but the sight of those two boys after the toad stuck in my mind.


It seems to me that right now blogging is one of the fads of the moment, and there seems to be a tier of “real” bloggers, “semi-real” bloggers, and then the “rest of us”. I am pleasantly surprised and proud that I have even gotten my first blog Pentimento up to a page rank 4. Who knows if it will stay there, but I keep working at it.


The real blogs like John Chow, Dosh Dosh, Copyblogger, Blog About Your Blog, Liz Strauss @ Successful Blog, and Blog-Op to name just a tiny few, have real things to say that are helpful when it comes to making money online. And that is that key, isn’t it? The ones first in, online and known, with lots of networked friends have done very well. They had something to say and impart.


Then came the second wave….the people who found out that blogging is something easily done if you can get one set up. But what to say? Talk about your cats, kids, or be a gossip about celebrities. Some of the second-wavers are doing well too. But it all makes me think of those twin boys who saw an opportunity, but had no clue what they were going to do with it once they had it.


What will be the next fad? Is blogging here to stay? Are the majority of people making money at it? Will it still be ‘fun’ in 5 years?  Are we really telling people worthwhile things, or just blathering on? What do you think?  Are you the leader of the pack, or just one of the rabid dogs?  😀

Using Ipsos I-Say Point Cards The Right Way

I began doing surveys for Ipsos I-say many years ago as a way to make a few extra bucks. At first, many of the survey sites would pay actual money to complete a certain amount of opportunities, in turn earning points that were then converted to dollar values. To be honest, it takes you a long time to complete enough surveys to even make $10.

After a few years though, and I assume it was a cost cutting measure, I-say began offering American Express point cards that they issue through a partnership with Encompass-Select. That all sounds pretty up front, but there are problems with these point/cash cards.

The problem I ran into recently was that I wanted to use the card to pay for a take-out item at a deli. What I did was present the card and the cashier rang up the whole amount, which was $11.89. My AE card was non-reloadable and in the amount of $10. What I should have done was to ask the cashier if supplemental payment was allowed before handing her the card. If it had been, then I could have paid the difference. As it was, I had her void the charge and just paid cash.

Supplemental Payment
If your desired purchase amount is greater than your available points, you must consult with the establishment to determine whether supplemental payment is allowed. It is up to each establishment to determine what form of supplemental payment will be accepted. Always use the Card as the first form of payment. Be specific in telling the cashier the exact amount to deduct from the Card. Then, place the remaining balance on a supplemental form of payment.

For a short time, my point card was showing a $0 balance, but after contacting I-Say and asking their advice, and then calling Encompass-Select (AMEX Customer Service at 1-888-210-9821), my balance was set back to $10, and my lesson was learned (I hope) when it comes to using point cards.

Because there are currently better, and more lucrative, ways for me to make money online, I have quit doing a lot of surveys for places like I-Say. Truthfully, I don’t like the way they pay with these point cards. Just give me the ca$h and pay me for the work I do for you in a timely manner!

For a full explanation of how to use the Ipsos I-say point cards click here.

Right Now: Job Opening For WordPress Blogger


Are you interested in making a few bucks just posting on a blog? There is a job opening available with AC Merchandising (see below):

WordPress Bloggers wanted
Posted: October 16th, 2007

* Company: AC Merchandising
* Job Type: Full Time
* Location: USA
* Job Description:

We pay per post you make to one of our WordPress blogs and you can write about anything except porn, gambling, drugs, hate, it just has to be original writings and of course make sense. No links can be in the posts and all posts have to have a minimum 150 words. We will pay anywhere between 25 cents to $1 dollar per post.
* How to Apply: email acmerchandising@yahoo.com

Original post about all WordPress jobs found here.

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