September 22, 2017

Cabinet of Curiosities: Fossils

I love showing off my “curiosities”, although this post may be late to enter in the Blog Carnival Cabinet of Curiosities. In any case, here is my contribution to the show and tell.

My curiosities are millions of years old and they were all found at Main Beach on Amelia Island, Florida between 1988 and 1992. The two teeth are from Great White (Megaladon) sharks and they were found on the same day after a storm churned up the sand offshore and deposited the teeth for this lucky fossil hunter. The more complete tooth of the two was ‘hiding’ under some foam on the beach and as I swooshed my foot over the foam, I could just see a little bit of this big tooth. Now, this isn’t one of the biggest teeth to be found, to be sure, but it is the biggest I am apt to ever find since I no longer live in Florida, but in Washington state.

My friend Ann and I were just strolling down the beach, admittedly hoping to find a huge tooth. We playfully nudged each other out of the way and practically dove to grab any big tooth laying there, which is what we did when I found the tooth on the left. Ziplock bags are a prerequisite for beach combing on Amelia Island, and many days we would haul home a good sized handful of smaller teeth. By the way, yes, that is a full-sized #2 pencil I used for comparison.

The third item in the picture is a fossilized mammoth tooth I found sometime in 1988. It was when we first moved to the island and our friend Peggy, a biology teacher at the high school, identified it for me one night in her living room as we paid a visit after a day at the beach. She slyly said that if I ever wanted to get rid of it, she would love to have it. Ha! Fat chance!

Although my interests for this blog generally turn in the direction of genealogy, I guess we can stretch it a bit and talk about animal fossils instead of my ancestors. If anyone finds my dead end, Miles Yates, I would be happy to trade him for a fossil or two. 😉

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