October 17, 2017

Aaron Carapella – He’s Bringing Awareness of Tribal Nations Traditional and Current Names

Tribal Nations Maps by Aaron Carapella

Aaron Carapella has created a whole collection of maps designating the true tribal nation’s traditional and current names and placing them on maps that encompass the North and South American continents, Alaska and the Caribbean. To see the variety of what Aaron has created, please visit this page and see how you can order one (or more) today. (I’m not an affiliate, just a friend).

Would you like to see these maps in schools? You can also do so by donating to Aaron’s GoFundMe page as well. What a great idea to bring true Native American and indigenous people’s history and awareness to our children and adults alike!

This endeavor by Aaron isn’t a big money maker for him. He has done this as a labor of love and history and it’s been made available to us all through his hard work. Let’s help him by donating, or buying a map. You may notice some watermarks in the image, but they won’t be on the actual maps.



Share Places, Events and Photos With Schmaps

Schmaps and Schnaps

How would you like a very easy way to alert bunches of people when your group or business is having an event? And, even better, tell them exactly where it is with a map and photos if you like.  I’m trying out a new Twitter/Facebook application called Schmaps, and have just added some local addresses as my first foray into the Schmaps and Schnaps world.

As you probably have surmised, the concept behind Schmaps (maps)  and Schnaps (snapshots) is to connect a location to a map, and add an address to the location if you have one.  You can use one of your Flickr photos, or upload one from your computer.  (I would caution you to use only your own photos, but I admit the one I used for the map above I “nabbed” from their website.) :)  Even if you don’t have an address for a location like a business, Schmaps has a good search engine that many times will find it and add it to your map.

Several of my genealogy friends spend a lot of time on the road giving presentations and attending  jamborees, expositions and seminars.  As an early adopter of the application I was able to upgrade to the $60/mo Pro version for 6 months. It looks like they have over 800 free Pro accounts yet to give away if you’re interested in trying out the application.

Schmaps keeps a list of my uploads and allows me to retweet them if I choose to do so.  I can also choose to put the tweets on a schedule if I like.  Clicking one button also allows me to connect Facebook with Schmaps to further spread the word about a location or event.

I would really like to see the genealogy community at large adopt this application and use it for promotion and updates about events at geographical locations.  Genealogical societies, are you taking note?

If you absolutely love a business, why not give them a little boost in advertising like I did, and put them on the map with Schmaps?

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