July 22, 2017

Meet Meme:Trading Cards For The Ages

Meet Me on Meet Meme!

Want my autograph? How about my business card? Better yet, you might want one of my new Meet Meme cards, right?

Aren’t these cool? I first saw them in a blog post by Thomas MacEntee when he received his from Meet Meme. You can see them on his Destination: Austin Family blog, and also find out his intended purposes for the cards.

I don’t go to a lot of genealogy themed functions like Thomas does, so I will distribute mine through the mail to family, or others as requested.

There are several color combinations of Meet Meme cards to choose from, with the option to have them all one color or a choice of three in the set.  Blue, lime and orange are one of the choices.

Where To Get Your Own Meet-Meme Cards

My order took no time at all to arrive and I was very pleased with the results.  I ordered 25 cards which were very reasonably priced, and opted for all one color as you can see in the photo.  (My photo doesn’t really do them justice, so I suggest you visit the site and see them there.)  When I ordered I was asked to include my name, address (for delivery), social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) I use (which includes how many followers I have) and other various details like a photo of me, and my blog address. My card also has a short bio, my “special powers” 🙂 and a quotation I like. One last thing. they will store your information so that you can easily and quickly order your next set from the site. Don’t worry, you can adjust your card colors if you like.

Here’s the Code for access to Meet-Meme.com: c940273d  Have fun!

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