October 17, 2017

Teaching Sells: Monetize Your Special Skills

I am currently enrolled in the Teaching Sells course that began in October and will run through December. I would like to tell you  what I like about it, and what you can expect when you take the course. As you see, there is an affiliate ad on this blog (and referral links in this post) just to the right of this post. Clicking on it will take you to a location where you can sign up for the course too.

Teaching Sells Free Report

I don’t have a teaching background, per se, but I have taken other courses (handwriting analysis) that taught me a new skill. Now, Teaching Sells is showing me:

  • How to Create Content That Sells
  • How to Effectively Market Interactive Learning Environments
  • How to Create Killer Multimedia Content with Quick and Easy Tools
  • Seven Profitable Business Models for Interactive Content Developers
  • A Blueprint for Building Membership Sites with Open Source and Low-Cost Software

The course materials are very easy to follow and understand, even with limited computer abilities. They are presented in a logical and easy to follow format, which is updated as we progress through the weeks. At our disposal too are several forums within the Teaching Sells site where we can ask questions (yes, even ones that show our ignorance) and be treated with respect and kindness.

I hope that I can put a couple of my areas of expertise in a teaching format so that I can share what I know with those seeking that kind of knowledge. I’m really looking forward to learning how to effectively do that: by building a site accessible to all at a reasonable fee, so that we all will benefit.

For years, I have wished for a way to make money using my computer. By taking the Teaching Sells courses I have renewed hope that I will be doing that soon.

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