October 18, 2017

Quality Organic Meats You Can Purchase Online

My knowledge of what constitutes good beef is not from being raised on a farm, but from educating myself about what to look for in a good cut of beef all the way from the farm to the dinner table.

Mom taught me to recognize a good looking roast or steak by checking for marbling and seeing if it was USDA Prime Choice, etc.. Those days might be long gone, and now we look much more closely at how cattle are raised, what they’re being fed and how the farmer is keeping them healthy.

Still, we all want quality meat, and that means organically raised by a reputable ranch where you feel comfortable buying their products like steaks because they have made their operation as transparent as possible for the consumer.  It is possible to Buy Steaks Online and feel confident that the group of US family farmers and ranchers who made them available to you are adhering to their own strict standards of raising healthy organic food fit for your table.

The Niman Ranch website has lists of their chefs and food service distributors, some of their retailers and a few of their featured farmers which makes me feel like they’re meeting me half way on this healthy eating thing.  I was happy to see they have a listing for Washington state distributors, with the notice that those places will be “added soon”.  I’ll check  back  to see if that category fills up.

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