October 22, 2017

Give JMK Genealogy Gifts This Year

Unique genealogy gifts for Christmas...

Now and then, I make sure I give back to those who have given so much to me. As you can see from my left side bar I have a Project Wonderful advertiser named JMK Genealogy Gifts. I have been doing some house cleaning on iPentimento this week, moving things around and trying to make it more easy to navigate. As you can see, I have added some tabs at the top, so I moved my wonderful sponsor up to the top where you can easily click on the link to Genealogy Gifts, perhaps to do a little Christmas shopping?

Obsessed With GenealogyGenealogy To-Do List

I just love Genealogy Gifts store at Cafe Press, and I think you will too. The three images above are just very small example of the hundreds of designs available.

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