July 27, 2017

Showcase Your Pin Button Worthy Images With Pin Button Sidebar

Pin Button Sidebar


One of my most favorite things to do is pin things to my boards on Pinterest. I know you do too, which is why I originally started using the über popular Pin Button Attraction plugin on this site.  I want to share my photos and graphics with everyone, and by using the plugin it makes it easy for you to do so too. I am an affiliate of the plugin, but I know you will like it so I want you to know about it too. All that said, now there is a new accessory in the Pin Button toolbox and it’s Pin Button Sidebar.

How Does Pin Button Sidebar Work?

Pin Button Sidebar works in your composition dashboard and connects to your previous posts that containe images. When your readers are on your site there is a slide bar that will emerge from your chosen location on the page and present other images and showcase your other articles.  So what’s so special about Pin Button Sidebar? Most people just find an image on a site, pin it and go on their merry way. With PBA your articles with images are presented to your readers with an unobtrusive slide bar and makes it easy to pique their interest and create fans!

Click the link above or here and see this new plugin for yourself.

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What Does It Look Like When Google+ And Pinterest Get Married?

A Marriage Made in Cyberspace
[grabpress_video guid=”cf1bd13fe21eb5eef4a92df5366b631e25e8f491″]
This is what Google+ looks like when it’s paired with a Pinterest-type look. I always find that images draw me in 100 times more often than anything else. Pinterest is hot and it doesn’t look like it’s going to cool off anytime soon. So hot that now everyone is finding a way to emulate it. I’ve just looked at my own Google+ pages (friends, genealogists, etc..) and I really think it’s going to be much easier to find items of interest, but I will say that images are going to be key in attracting readers.
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Pin Button Attraction Can Cause Traffic Explosion

Adding Pin Button Attraction Can Cause Serious Traffic Explosions

There’s a new kid on the WordPress plugin block, and this blog is now using it to enhance the traffic we already have.

What makes Pin Button Attraction special? 

Pin Button Attraction is so easy to install and use. After purchasing it, I received my email with a link to the download location; it took just a few seconds to download the plugin and install it on this blog. [Note: always back up your blog before installing new plugins!] Next, I adjusted the settings to my preferences and that was it, it was ‘live’.

What is Pin Button Attraction for?


You know Pinterest is all the rage now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to fade away anytime soon. Now is the time to take advantage of that by allowing your images on your WordPress blog to be “pinned” by other people. The way it works is that when someone clicks an image to see it larger it has your own Pinterest pin button right on it to make it easy for them! Here, take a look at what I mean…

This is from a recent blog post about some Kentucky War of 1812 Veterans that you can view at

War Of 1812 Veterans KY – John Hurt and Josiah Beckett

You have a choice in the settings for the plugin to have just the Pin It button, or the Follow Me on Pinterest one, or both. I will eventually change my setting and just include the Pin It button hereafter.

Imagine This Pin Button Scenario

You come here and like one of my images. Click on it to make it bigger and up comes the image with a Pin It button on it. You say, “Hey, Carol’s images are so cool. I’d like to pin some to one of my boards”. Click, click, click and off my images go to whirl around the interwebs creating backlinks to my blog and therefore creating link love and joy. Imagine that feature on your blog too, multiply it by a gazillion times and we all get lots more people visiting and enjoying our blogs. Win-Win!

This is an affiliate post, but I believe this is a great plugin and that’s why I’m recommending it. Interested? Get Pin Button Attraction for your WordPress blog.

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