October 22, 2017

Recycled Cell Phones Reforest Our Planet

Yesterday was Earth Day, but that’s no reason to slack off on your efforts to save the planet now that it’s over. My daughter-in-law told me about iRecyclePhones and their goal to lessen the impact on our landfills while at the same time reforesting areas of our planet that need it.


Here is all you have to do (ideally, after you delete your personal information from the phone!): You supply the box and put the phone(s) you would like to recycle into it. Then, download and print the prepaid shipping label. iRecyclePhones.com, in union with American Forest, will plant one tree for each cell phone that’s donated. Easy, simple, and something good you can do for the planet. Now, go spread the word about this worthwhile effort!


In an effort to get the word out about this endeavor, I am posting this on both iPentimento and my other blog Pentimento. I usually post about genealogy here at iPentimento, so think of this as a Public Service Announcement. 😉

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