October 20, 2017

Chinese History In My 1954 Cookbook

During World War II my aunt Joyce Moline was an Army nurse, serving in the European Theater, and as her service record states, in Belgium. Joyce’s life, other than what I know from records is as full of holes as Swiss cheese. What I do know is that in 1952, and perhaps before that, she and her husband Frank Huntley were living in Taipai, Formosa where he worked as a District Sales Manager for Northwest Airlines. Since I was only born in 1950, I don’t consciously remember any details of their time there. I do know that their daughter Casey Huntley was born there in 1952.

My mom was the youngest child who had married her high school sweetheart, and she never traveled beyond the west coast of the USA until she was well into her 50’s. Her oldest sister, Jeane was married to a career Marine, and she too traveled with her husban, but to less exotic climes than Formosa.

As you can imagine, both sisters were a source of wonderful gifts to my brother and myself, as well as an occasional one for my mom. One of those gifts mom received was a cookbook purchased by my aunt Joyce sometime in 1954 or 1955.

What makes this cookbook unique is that it was conceived as a fund raising method for the expansion of the already existing Yuhang Kindergarten for the children of members of the Chinese Air Force. I hope you will enjoy this small glimpse of history that is most likely lost to a few years of time in early Taiwan. You might even recognize some of the names mentioned in the book such as General Tiger Wang, as well as his wife Wang Shu Ming; also General Weyland, Commanding General of the Far East Air Force, and ___ Vance, Chief, Air Force Section, MAAG, Taipai.

Not only is this a historical footnote, but also a wonderful cookbook in its own right. I feel very lucky to have this bit of history in my possession.

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