October 17, 2017

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy – Challenge 47 – Genealogy Gifts

Genealogy Gifts Wish List

As inspired by GeneaBloggers and The We Tree Genealogy Blog

I already have many genealogy related tools and books because I’ve been “at it” quite a few years now.  There’s always new technology and books I could add to my genealogy treasure trove though.  Some of the things on my wish list would be:

An iPod Touch or other iPod model. I haven’t ever researched what model would be right for my needs.  I’d like to be able to listen to Podcasts and put some of my Agatha Christie books in one so I can listen to them if I’m traveling.

I’d like to own some books as they relate to my family. One in particular I can’t get in its entirety is The Osgatharp Family by Betty Foor. I have ordered some copies from my local library through inter-library loan, but I can’t get the whole book because of copyright laws.  I’d also like to own Cumberland County, Kentucky – Yesterday and Today. I know it’s out of print, so this is just a big wish on my part.  One that isn’t out of print that is available on Amazon is Early Missourians and Kin: A Genealogical Compilation of Inter-Related Early Missouri Settlers, Their Ancestors, Descendents, and Other Kin,Vol 1 & by Roy Burgess (Author).

All the rest of the things I would like to have are not really appropriate for a gift list.  I wish my office area was more usable; I wish all my genealogy files were in one place, and all my books were on shelves or in cabinets easy to access.

Last, but not least, I wish I could find Miles Yates and Joshua Wilkerson.  Now, those are BIG wishes! 🙂



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