September 22, 2017

How To Clean A Headstone – Advice From The Artist

If you are planning a trip to the cemetery to clean some headstones, you should check out this advice from Roy Dixon. Roy is an authority because he designs and creates hand carved memorials for Leyda, Burrus and Metz Monument Company in Burlington, Iowa. Roy has been a regular reader of iPentimento for a while now and to show my appreciation, I would like to introduce you to his website and show you what a talented artist he is.

roy dixon cemetery monuments and memorials

Just a little side note from me. I once read about an intrepid genealogist who was out in a farm field and she had the idea to use flour to make the writing on an old stone show up more clearly. This was not a very good idea though. There were cattle in the field and even though the stones had some fencing around them, the cows were crazy to get to that flour. You guessed it, they made their way through the fencing, and proceeded to lick that flour off the stones. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but it also damaged the stones and knocked some over. So, never use flour on the stones. Instead, use your common sense. Or, binoculars?

Below is an older photo of my husband’s Great Great Grandfather John Whitmore’s old headstone prior to 1997 when the Medal of Honor Society arranged for a new one to be place on his grave.

Mary E. and John Whitmore.

Mary E. and John Whitmore.

iPentimento – COI 10th Edition – Costume

We’re celebrating the 10th Edition of the Carnival of Images with the word prompt: Costume


John and Mary (DeSpain) Whitmore center-front

Children behind L-R: Cordelia, John, Mariah, Mary and William

This photo was most likely taken before 1904 because the youngest boy, William, died in January of that year. I have chosen this photo for the Carnival because of the elaborate dresses the ladies are wearing.

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