July 23, 2017

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“Tag! You’re It!”. I’ve been tagged for a meme, and since I can work it into the topic of genealogy, I have accepted. Thanks to T. K. at Before My Time for this opportunity to spill my guts. 😉

10 years ago I…

…was busy arranging a Medal of Honor Ceremony in Iowa for my husband’s GG-Grandfather John Whitmore. The MOH Historical Society wanted to put a new headstone on his grave to show he had received the MOH during the Civil War.

…spent every day looking for genealogical information on my family and my husband’s

…was planning how to celebrate my mom’s 75th birthday on October 17th.

5 Things on today’s to-do list:

  • catch up on emails that accumulated while I was confined to bed for a week with a fibro flare up.
  • mail cards to friends and family that contain “emergency pet alert” stickers.
  • rest my back.
  • spend more time with the cat. (I didn’t say these answers were going to be witty!)
  • reduce the pile of magazines on my chair side table. (Failed)

Five Snacks I Enjoy:

  • almost every day I have one Frappuchino
  • Butterfingers candy bars. I weeded all of them out of last year’s leftover Halloween candy and froze them so I can eat one every once in a while. 😉
  • popcorn! Especially with a good movie and some beverage like raspberry iced tea.
  • potato chips are my downfall. I get cravings for the salt no doubt, so I try not to buy them.
  • a good crisp apple, cut in wedges.

Five Places I Have Lived:

  • (in order) Tumwater, Washington
  • Otterberg and Alsenborn, Germany
  • Clinton, Iowa
  • Port Orchard, Washington
  • Fernandina Beach, Florida

Five Jobs I Have Had:

  • Assistant in a metaphysical book store
  • Wife and Mother
  • Lobby attendant in a swanky resort hotel
  • Handwriting analyst
  • House cleaner

Five Bloggers I tag to play:

The Geneaholic

Kimberly’s Genealogy Blog


Genlighten Blog

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Now, it’s your turn you guys. Go visit these other Genea-Bloggers and make some new friends. 🙂


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