Tarte flambée/Flammkuchen + Recipe versatile yeast dough for baguettes, Pete, pizza, etc.

tarte flambée refers to German and French cuisine. The recipe for authenticity does not apply.More info here %D0%A…This dish can be cooked with bacon or lard. Onions are added raw or roasted until soft.Sour cream you can substitute cream cheese or a soft spreadable cheese.As toppings you can use regular bacon, mushrooms, different types of finished meat.There are variants of this recipe, which are prepared on fresh dough.The dough without yeast for this tart dough, presented in the video, you can bake pizzas, bread, baguettes, pita, etc. Compressed yeast can replace active dry (4 grams)Of the portion of dough comes out three tart (don’t forget to triple the amount of toppings)Honey can not add or replace sugar.Universal test, you can prepare:a Bread pan, Baguette How to make pita bread, Various forms of pizza From this portion of the test 1 prepare tart and 2 baguette.100 g – 312 of calastoga – 340 GMED – 10 groggy pressed – 10 gmuca – 500 Gal – 8 hdle one tart 280 – 300 g destinatino 1 tart Smoked brisket – 120 Gluk onion – 200 smetana 20-30 % – 150 Gal – 2-3 Cherny pepper, nutmeg вкусуПриготовление1. Cold water to combine with yeast and honey. Stir until complete dissolution.2. Add the sifted flour and salt and mix thoroughly with a spatula to avoid dry patches of flour. Cover the bowl with foil. Leave at room temperature for 30 minutes.3. Fold the dough with a spatula, pulling the dough from the edges of the bowl to the center and turning the bowl around the circle. Cover with cling film and leave for another 30 minutes.4. Repeat the folding. Cover the bowl with wrap and refrigerate for 18-24 hours to ferment.5. Put the dough on a floured surface, fold in the harness and separate the third (280 g). Round, cover with cling film and leave for 30 minutes so that the dough got warm. 6. For the filling, in a heated pan put bacon, cut into slices, lightly fry to drain the fat. Add chopped onion and fry until soft.7. Sour cream combine with salt.8. From the dough roll out a thin pellet with a diameter of 28-30 cm to place it on the baking paper with non-stick layer. To grease with sour cream, spread onion, bacon, pepper and sprinkle with ground nutmeg to taste.9. Bake in a preheated 250°C oven on the lower level without convection for 10-15 minutes.10. Cool slightly and serve warm.*Please note! Baking time may differ from the stated in the video, focus on your oven, and also consider the material of form.My pages in social networks:Blogger Facebook More cakes More recipes Iryna Podolyan All recipes channel Bon appetit! #irinopolis #of startframe #Flammkuchen #testdrove Source: Приятного аппетита! @ Youtube.