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Tender sour cream cake “Like cake” with peaches

Incredibly tender and tasty cake from the sour cream in appearance and taste as the cheesecake.Recipe like pie in shortcrust pastry, the Basis can be prepared from biscuits+butter or a thin biscuit.Sour cream, do not select very sour with a fat content of from 20 to 25 %Oil in the dough can be replaced with margarine.Fruit layer can be made from any berries and fruits fresh or frozen.Gelatin can be replaced with agar agar, taking it in 2 times less.Please note!Such cakes always rises in the oven, the more whey in sour cream, the greater the rise.During cooling, the finished product settles almost to the initial level, it is normal for this type of baking.The cake can be baked in the form of 20 cm in diameter, it will be higher and time to have more bake 50-55 minutes.100 g – 234 kallingradenians form 24 Sosnovaya creamy gmuca 80 – 140 Sahar – 40 vanilly sugar – 10 smetany slotsmachine 20 % – 600 gbelce – 3 pieces (110 g)any Starch – 40 Sahar – 140 vanilly sugar – 10 Gal – 1 Fruktovy sleeperette – 500 Sahar – 60 vanilly sugar – 10 ggelatin – 7 guada – 50 гПриготовлениеОснова1. Sifted flour combine the sugar and vanilla sugar, mix well.2. Add the cold butter and grind into fine crumbs.3. Detachable form for baking vystelit baking paper with non-stick layer and to distribute the Foundation evenly, tamp it down with a spoon.Sour cream слой1. To connect sour cream with vanilla sugar and starch, mix well.2. Proteins at room temperature to combine with a pinch of salt and beat in a solid foam. Small portions add sugar, not stopping whipping, increase the speed of mixer to high and whip for 4-5 minutes until stable peaks.3. In three steps to connect to connect with sour cream mixture and pour on the Foundation, to distribute.4. Bake in a preheated 160°C oven on an average level without convection for 40 minutes. Switch off the oven, open up the door and leave the sour cream for 30 minutes.5. Remove from the oven and cool down completely. Cover with cling film and place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.Fruit слой1. To combine the gelatin with cold boiled water, stir and leave to swell.2. Ripe peaches peel cut into pieces, add sugar and vanilla sugar. Put on fire and after boiling, cook, stirring for 10 minutes.3. In hot gelatin mass to melt and cool down completely.4. Pie remove from the form and put the fruit weight put it in the refrigerator until complete hardening of the mass.*Please note! Baking time may differ from the stated in the video, focus on your oven, and also consider the material of form.My pages in social networks:Blogger Facebook More cakes More recipes Iryna Podolyan All recipes channel Bon appetit! #irinopolis #Pirosmani #sour cream #cheesecake Source: Приятного аппетита! @ Youtube.

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