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Thai fried rice (Khao pad)

I was recently in Thailand. It’s a different story… Who’s next, who knows. As for Thai cuisine. It is very dull. In addition, the bright sour soups like Tom yum or Tom-Kha, there is in General and impressed by nothing. But it is necessary to be impressed. Maybe sometimes it is enough just to eat. To do this in Thailand every step of the way cooked fried rice. Rice Khao pad (Khao – rice, pad – fried). It can be in different variations, with different fillings. But the constant component was almost always vegetables, eggs and any protein component or seafood, or chicken, or meat. Today on my channel can watch the episode where I’ll show you how to cook the same fried rice in Thai style. Nothing complicated. The dish was served. ✅Step-by-step recipe the Ingredients are simple:Rice (not round) – 1 steinwede – 2 stacinator – 1 p.m. lojkasek – 3-4 subscapular chili – 1 no (or to taste)Soy sauce – 3 tbsp. lasciarmi – horstkotte – 200 grams (can be something else)Gorelektrosetey cherry 5 stockins – pookkalam ⅛ – ¼ Castaic – 1 thing (2)Black pepper – ⅛ teaspoon ✅Knives Samura (15% discount code Pokusavam)—————-Interesting links:1️⃣ advertising this⃣ Official site app⃣ Instagram app⃣ Telegram app⃣ Group VK app⃣ Page VK now⃣ Facebook app⃣ Classmates Video shot for channel Pokusavam, which presents the following topics: baking recipes, cake recipes, meat recipes, recipes for oven, Breakfast recipes, recipes for the new year, salad recipes, appetizer recipes, unusual recipes, simple recipes, quick recipes, workshops, recipes for birthday, holiday, decorations for cakes, cream. Vitaly Pokusavam will tell you how to prepare the cream, snacks, drinks, sauces, marinade. On the channel you can also see reviews on food delivery in Moscow, delivery sushi, delivery sushi, delivery of Georgian cuisine, Chinese food delivery, delivery khinkali, Manty, kebab (or shish kebabs), cakes and much more. Also have rankings of deliveries in Moscow. Under a Victim of marketing many different reviews on the food from stores, such as cebuella, cebuella, holstery, pasties, dumplings, sandwiches, frozen soups, pizza and more. Of course reviews is good, but video recipes better, as you will understand how to cook, how to cook, how to bake, how to cook, how to chop, how to cook a particular dish. For commercial proposals [email protected] Source: Покашеварим @ Youtube.

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