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Thai salad from his Wife

Thai salad from his Wife the Recipe from my Wife:the Main ingredients are chicken, beef, rice noodles and fish, seasoned with various spices and dressed with delicious sauces. Very often in savory meat salads add fruit such as bananas, grapefruit, mango and pineapple, which gives the dish a special flavor. It should be noted that the ingredients are cut into lengthwise, thin long strips or chips, which gives the salad a very appetizing appearance. These salads usually cooked right before serving, otherwise they lose their flavor and aroma. Next, we want to introduce you with the most interesting recipes of salads in Thai cuisine , which will help you in the preparation of the festive table . If you are tired of traditional salads with crab sticks and “Olivier”, then you will like the following dishes. Source: СБОРКА 10 ЧАСОВ @ Youtube.

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