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Thai soup “Tom Yam Kung”.Step-by-step recipe.

the Tom yum Soup-kurgane Thai dishes and one of the most important hits of the world of gastronomy. An outstanding combination of acid and pepper, satiety and ease.INGREDIENTS FOR 6 Particurely broth 2 lirichnaya pasta Tom Yam 100 glemon 2 stukeny sauce 20 mlakar 50 glionna grass 2 tablespoons loquimur 30 worms 4 studiocyanne lime shrimp 500 Geminiani kokosovoe 200 milk 200 Mlchina 50 gperez Chile 1 stockenstrasse COOKING 15 МИНУТ1. To chicken broth add chopped ginger, lime leaves, lemon grass (two tablespoons dry or two stems, fresh) and cook for five minutes.2. Add there pepper paste, stir the broth and cook for another two minutes.3. Then add fish sauce, sugar, two minutes later the shrimp, sliced mushrooms, chili, grated rings, and coconut milk.4. Bring to boil, pour the juice of two lemons, add coarsely chopped cilantro, wait until the soup again comes to a boil, and remove from heat.ADVICE TO Receptacle soup will seem too spicy, you can add directly into the bowl a spoonful or two of coconut milk. Chicken broth can use canned cubes or cook yourself, adding a few more than usual dose of celery and roots of the coriander. Source: Клуб кулинаров @ Youtube.

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