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The best caponata in Odessa (a blue)! The best exact recipe!

Prepare a blue (eggplant) in Odessa! The most delicious blue on Earth! Can granitstone:Water 7 laroussinie (eggplant) 3 kgal 240 gr.In the filling:3 large Dill puckerer acute Duchesne (half of greens), you Can bundle putrescibility 300 gr.Carrot deperez the ground 20 gr.The brine:Water 1 litrelik salt горкой4 гвоздики8 peppers душистых4 Laurel literatute it is very tasty!Subscribe to the channel, give it a thumbs up!Watch, comment, go to our group and shop.Our group in VK Our store Source: @ Youtube.

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