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The bread for the burgers from potatoes! The Burger on the grill. Burger from scratch with your own hands.

Recipe for Burger buns:1230 g potatoes, peeled and diced (123%)80 g butter (8%). 1000 g wheat flour vs (100%)sugar 40g (4%)30g compressed yeast (3%)20 g salt (2%)150g egg (15%) + 1 egg for lubrication, Boil the potatoes in a small amount of water. Save 165 g of broth, cool. The remaining water is drained, dry the potatoes in a saucepan 1 min. to Mash into a coarse puree and measure out 547 g. Mix the flour, salt, sugar, yeast, stirred with some water, potatoes, butter and egg.On first speed for 5 minutes. At high speed 8 minutes.Leave the mixture on 120мин.Divide the dough into pieces of 80//90/100g, leave under cover for 15 minutes.Form round buns and leave on the baking sheet for proofing for 45 minutes. Before baking grease the buns with egg mixed with water and salt. Bake at 175°C for 25 min. recipe for Burger patties:beef cuts from the Chuck algorithnl and peretachenko between the rolls and the BBQ athletical ispersoninroom from Santamaria all You nravitsaaaaa awesome burgers!!the recipe rolls from Lehi my магазинwww.maestrobbq.Givi blog to my Instagram and like Source: Maestrobbq BBQ @ Youtube.

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