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The cauliflower soup

Girls promised you the RECIPES of SOUPS! Here’s one of them catch , please remember to like ❤ and keep the idea..SOUP WITH cauliflower!1. CHICKEN LEG 1шт2. CARROTS 1шт3. POTATOES 4. CAULIFLOWER 3-4 FLORETS 5. EGG 6. BOW 7. SALT to TASTE Boil the broth to simmer chicken, onions and carrots, I also add pepper.After the broth is ready strain it through a sieve, add not a lot of Vegeta, after the potatoes and cauliflower cook for 20-25 minutes. Remove from the heat and mash not a lot of cauliflower, first leave one inflorescence for decoration. Add ground meat and carrots, so the egg before much whipped. Put on the heat for another 5 minutes, at the end add the herbs to taste. Bon appetit for your kids! Tried this soup? #recepticle #recipes #food #raperswilen the #gridservice #ALMATY #Kazakhstan #gotowned #reception Source: evelina DIY @ Youtube.

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